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The Take A Breath Programme

Take a Breath is a breathing awareness programme which aims to build wellbeing and resilience in children. Students are taught the technique of relaxed breathing via a series of educational films and live workshops (in person or via video link), with a variety of supporting materials. The lessons are bespoke to each school and can be can be tailored to the specific needs and curriculum of the individual class.

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Relaxed Breathing

Children are taught the technique of relaxed breathing, where emphasis is put on taking a gentle breath in (thus slowing down the inhalation), directing the breath towards the diaphragm rather than the upper chest; a short pause; then breathing a longer breath out the mouth (thus calming the heart rate); followed by another brief pause.

Emphasis is placed on recognising 'trigger moments': understanding when to use their breathing to control extreme emotions. Children are also taught the anatomy of breathing and practice techniques, which enable them to master relaxed breathing so that they are able to use it effectively when needed. 

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Music and Creativity

Take A Breath encourages children to explore, understand and express their feelings and emotions through music, inspiring creativity, imagination and self-expression. 

In each session, the children are taught about a new piece of classical music, it's composer and the instruments it is written for.

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Emotional Awareness

Designed to improve wellbeing and emotional health, Take A Breath is equips children with simple breathing techniques which help them deal with stressful situations. Essentially, it gives them an emotional survival kit. Emphasis is placed on discussing and recognising emotions and responses to challenging situations.

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