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The Importance of Optimal Breathing

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Most people take breathing for granted - they understand that it's critical for life, but because it's mostly a subconscious behaviour they generally don't think about it unless they develop symptoms such as a cough, cold or asthma.

Generally, babies are born with a good respiratory mechanism: they use their diaphragm and belly breathe. However, what happens a lot, often as early as the age of five and as a result of anxiety, physical and emotional trauma, is that their breathing patterns shift subconsciously. The Take a Breath programme raises that shift to conscious awareness.


Mental health problems are increasing amongst primary school aged children and giving them a tool of relaxed breathing can be much more helpful than many other available interventions.

Relaxed breathing is a tool of resilience. They carry it with them wherever they go, and can use it discreetly, without anyone knowing. 

For further information or to enquire about having Take a Breath at your school, please contact Vicky Corley-Smith:

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