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“There is a national move towards the development of both a wider curriculum and an increased emphasis on heath and wellbeing. Music can help greatly with wellbeing and we are delighted to have Amy teach children life-long skills as well as inspire them musically” Andrew Steggall, Head Teacher, Moor Hall Primary School, Sutton Coldfield


“It really works because in the time they’ve taken their Elephant Breath they’ve stopped talking; they’re thinking about something else for a minute; they’re not engaged with their friends, and it does give them that minute to have a breather”
Ms Neela Morghen St Paul’s And All Hallows’


“Education itself is more stressful with testing but they also feel enormous social pressures; enormous pressure to conform to what the expectations are of their peers and of those around them and the expectations and the pressures of examinations... all those sorts of things create emotional blocks and barriers for them, so being able to actually respond appropriately, being able to take time to think about themselves and to build strategies that enable them to think carefully and develop some sort of resilience to those external pressures is enormously important.”
Mr Lee Richardson, Deputy Head Teacher, Harleston C.E. Primary Academy, Norfolk


“If our children learn to practice relaxed breathing during times of stress or anxiety in their formative years, the hope is that they will have these techniques ready-to-hand at GCSE stage and into adulthood” said Charlotte Cork – Music Teacher, London Junior, Alpington Primary & Hobart High.


“Amy developed an immediate rapport with the children; they listened transfixed to her playing which set them up to engage strongly with Elephant Breaths. The experience of hearing 500 children alternately breathing silently and cheering classical music is not one I will forget in a hurry.” 
James Waters Creative Director, Classical Music, Perth Concert Hall

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