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Take A Breath | Part One: A Guide to Optimal Breathing
Amy Dickson

Take A Breath | Part One: A Guide to Optimal Breathing

Welcome to Take a Breath - a series designed to teach you how to breathe in an optimal way, and explaining why proper breathing is so important. Amy Dickson - Gerry Gajadharsingh DO Hello everyone! Welcome to a series of videos which I have made with breathing expert Gerry Gajadharsingh, where we are discussing the importance of proper breathing and the science behind breathing in an optimal way. Many, many thanks to Gerry Gajadharsingh DO for sharing his knowledge. Please do visit Gerry’s website here: I hope you enjoy this series! Amy x About the Take a Breath school programme: Take A Breath was originally designed for primary school children, in their formative years, to teach them very simple and easily memorable breathing techniques which they can use any time they need to deal with anxiety or stress, and which will hopefully become automatic tools that they can take with them into their teenage years to build a resilience to life’s problems. The outcome is stronger and healthier children who are able to better engage with their learning; who can form successful relationships and who have the confidence and self-esteem needed as they develop into adults. If primary school children learn how to breathe properly by getting into the habit of it and practising bit by bit, they will be able to influence how their bodies and minds work on a profound level. Music in this video: Amy Dickson - Max Steiner - A Summer Place (Remix) Listen on Spotify: Follow me here: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: #Breathe #HowToBreatheProperly #AmyDickson
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